Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

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Our professional team of industry experts are trained to deal with all kinds of cleaning of your sofa from all the dirt, grime, and dust. We are able to tackle chairs/sofas whether it is fine nylon weave, leatherette or leather, as this determines the product that should be used in removing the dirt that has accumulated. Book affordable Sofa Cleaning Service in Bangalore. Letting fan or air conditioner switched on post the service for upholstered fabric sofa to dry along with natural ventilation & drying time will vary as per the thickness of the fabric. V3 care

Best Sofa cleaning services in Bangalore for spotless and stain proof sofas by the professionals from V3care. We provide you the quality Fabric sofa cleaning, Leather Sofa cleaning, Cushion and Upholstery cleaning services at your doorstep.

What we do,

  • Removal of stains and spots
  • Loosening of ground-in soils
  • Shampooing and Extraction using vacuuming
  • UV Machine for sanitization to extract dust mites.(Exclusive, only for Sanitization Service)
  • Service Time: 3 Hours No. of Servicemen: 1-2 (depending on no. of seats)
  • Any hard/major stains may not immediately be removed. Ex Oil Mark, Blood Marks Etc.
  • A periodic cleaning will be required for the same.
  • Will take up to 6 hours for completely drying and should not be used till completely dry.